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Welcome to Dragør

Dragør and St. Magleby

Dragør is known for its well-preserved village environments of St. Magleby and Dragør, which attract many tourists to the town. At the same time, Dragør is a modern municipality of residence with a versatile and wide-ranging business life, and a living harbour with fishing boats and recreational vessels. There are also a number of exciting places to eat, interesting museums, pleasant residential areas – and a unique atmosphere.

Where is Dragør

Situated by the Øresund just 12 km from Copenhagen Town Hall Square, we are close to the capital.

Tourist information

A website maintained by the local tourist office. The site contains information in danish, french and English about the town, activities, restaurants, accommodation and transportation. 

Forside af VisitDragør – The official tourisme site
Open2day Dragør

Local information about accomodation, activities, places to eat, produce and specialities, and other useful information. Information in english and german.


A huge official web site for tourists and visitors. There you can find all kinds of detailed, personal and inspiring information about most aspects of Denmark whether the purpose of your stay is a holiday, a business trip or a conference.

Wonderful Copenhagen

A web site for tourists with information about events, accommodation etc. in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.


Denmark’s official internet representative. One of the ambitions of the portal is to facilitate the gathering of information on Denmark, Danes and Danish customs for foreigners.

Large parts of Denmark.dk are comprised of information about important aspects of the Danish public sphere – art, politics, economy and history, for example

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