You can read about port’s facilities here.

    Diesel refueling and emptying septic tanks

    Diesel is available for purchase at a service pontoon in the old ferry port (“Gammel Færgehavn”) where most credit cards are accepted. At the service pontoon, you can also empty your septic tank.

    Access to bathrooms, showers, electricity and laundry

    The use of bathrooms and showers is included in the harbour tax and accessed with the harbour ticket. You have to buy a separate harbour card to buy electricity and use the laundry facilities.

    Other resources in the harbour

    • Electricity and water can be accessed on all quays and piers.
    • Petrol can be bought at a gas station 500 meters from towards the harbour at the gas station.
    • Diesel refuelling is possible by the service pontoon in the Old Ferry Port (“Gammel Færgehavn”).
    • Shipyard bedding (20 tons), towing area, blacksmith and mechanic are available on request
    • Diving assistance is possible on request
    • A 2-ton electric crane is available on request
    • A laundromat in the marina (“Ny havn”) can be accessed with the harbour card.
    • There is free Wi-Fi in the harbour although the signal strength is limited. The access code is found on the receipt for paid harbour tax.